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SZM Series

Professional stereozoom microscopes

The stereomicroscopes of the SZM series are instruments designed for laboratory and industry applications. 
Their optical and mechanical qualities place them at the top of their category and the price/quality ratio is excellent.
The stereomicroscopes share the same optical system consisting of binocular and trinocular heads with zoom objectives. 
The four models of the SZM series find their proper application wherever professional instruments are required. 
Several accessories provide an ample choice of configurations and applications.
Binoculars and trinoculars 360° rotating and 45° inclinated.
Interpupillary distance
Adjustable between 51 and 75 mm.
Dioptric compensation
On both eyepiece tubes (bino & trino).
EWF10x/20 mm
Parfocal achromatic zoom 0,7x...4,5x (6,428:1 zoom factor).
Specimen stage
Models with illumination are fitted with a black/white disc, specimen clips and a frosted disc for transmitted light.
Rack and pinion mechanism controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand.
Microscope stand
Pillar stand 30 mm and 25 cm high, base 26x20x6h cm.
Overhanging stand 42 cm high, 23x23 cm base and 45 cm horizontal arm lenght.
Double, adjustable incident and transmitted light, fitted with two 12V/15W halogen bulbs. 
The angle of the incident illumination is adjustable. 
The two models SZM-1/2Led are equipped with a double high-power LED.