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Sterio Series

Stereomicroscopes for students

This series includes a wide selection of stereomicroscopes range designed to satisfy every need in both teaching and amateur fields.
The whole range, from MS-2 to ST-50, is assembled according to the best technical standards. The optical system, thanks to its transparency, quality and depth, is at the top of its category.

The series is composed of 17 models, each one designed to satisfy multiple needs.
The range includes a model, the ST-30-2Led, which allows to work without worrying about the electrical power supply, thanks to its rechargable longlife battery. "Cold" light allows an excellent vision of the samples.
Binocular heads (except for MS-2 model). ST-40B-2L, ST-40-2L and ST-35-2L models have 360° rotating heads. All remaining models have fixed heads.
STX, S-10-P, S-10-L and S-10-2L models have vertical heads. 
Specimen stage
All models have specimen stage fitted with a black/white disc and specimen clips. Models with transmitted light have also a frosted disc.
Interpupillary distance
Binocular heads have an interpupillary distance adjustable between 51 and 75mm. Dioptric compensation adjustable on eyepiece tubes, except for MS-2 model.
Optical system WF10x/20mm eyepieces. Supplied objective changes according to the model: 2x fixed objective or double selectable objective (2x-4x or 1x-3x).
Using additional eyepieces and objectives, it's possible to obtain up to 80 magnifications.
The ST-50 and ST-50Led models have a long working distance 2x objective (119 mm).
The models with incident and/or transmitted light have 12V/10W tungsten bulbs. The ST-45-2L model is the only one supplied
with halogen bulbs and brightness control. ST-30-2Led, ST-30-2LedR and ST-50Led have LED illumination.
Focusing Every model is equipped with focus adjustment knobs located on each side of the stand.
ST-30-Led with rechargeable batteries
ST-30-Led with rechargeable batteries
Battery box: 3 x AA, 1.2V NiMh – replaceable by the user
Battery pack: 3 x AA, 1800 mAh
Time required for a full recharge: 10 hours
Battery runtime with LED incident light at maximum power: 12 hours
Battery runtime with LED transmitted light at maximum power: 14 hours
Battery charging enabled while using the microscope.
Performances estimated with batteries at their maximum efficiency.



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