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Rotofix 46 H

The ROTOFIX 46 H is the ideal centrifuge for research and industrial laboratories. It has a wide range of accessories for routine applications and also enables special tasks to be tackled.

This centrifuge can accommodate a number of special tubes, including ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) tubes. It can therefore be used to perform ASTM tests.

The sample tubes can be centrifuged at the specified temperatures in the heatable ROTOFIX 46 H to carry out the standardized crude oil test procedure. Temperatures of up to 90°C can be reached with this centrifuge.

The sulphuric acid content of chrome baths can be determined using chrome bath tubes. The QA procedure is of interest not only to public and private test facilities, but also to operators of chrome baths who need to establish sulphate levels at regular intervals.

Rotor 5616 can hold Schlenk tubes, which are widely used in organometallic and co-ordination chemistry. Substances that have been prepared in Schlenk tubes can be separated through centrifugation.

The ROTOFIX 46 H is not a medicinal product within the meaning of the IVD Directive and therefore must not be used for medical analysis / diagnosis. The IVD Directive is valid throughout Europe and in other countries that have adopted it or use it as a basis for their legislation.


Max. capacity: in a swing-out rotor:4 x 100 ml
Max. speed (RPM):4,000
Max. RCF:3,095
Dimensions (H x W x D):345 x 538 x 647 mm
Weight:approx. 60 kg
Refrigeration:Air cooling
Frequently used rotors:Swing-out rotor for 4 x 50 or 100 ml ASTM tubes (90°), max. RCF 984 – Cat. No. 4474
Angle rotor for 2 ZentriForm inserts (30°), max. RCF 519 – Cat. No. 4691
Spin coater for 4” wafers, max. RCF 896 – Cat. No. 4690
As their designated purpose is for general laboratory use only, the ROTOFIX 46 and 46 H are no medical products according to the IvD Directive. These centrifuges must, therefore, not be used for medical analyses or diagnostic purposes (clinical chemistry) within the scope of the IvD Directive.

The ROTOFIX 46 H offers various features to make operation easier, such as:  
Rotary opening mechanism so that the centrifuge can be easily opened and closed
Ergonomic operating and information panel
10 programmable memories
The parameter combination last selected is retained after the centrifuge is switched off
After entry of the rotor radius r in mm it is possible to switch between display of rpm and the relative centrifugal force (RCF) by pressing the RCF button

The ROTOFIX 46 H contributes to safety in the workplace. This centrifuge offers the following safety features:
Lid locking and latching mechanism
Automatic rotor recognition
Imbalance switch-off
Emergency lid release
Lid dropping prevention
Motor overheating protection
Chamber overheating protection

This compact centrifuge has attractive design features such as:
Metal casing
Metal lid
Centrifugation chamber made of rust-free stainless steel
View port in lid