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The high-capacity, refrigerated floor-standing ROTIXA 50 RS can hold 4 x 1,000 ml bottles. It is equipped as standard with an S control panel.

It can be used for the centrifugation of food samples, cell suspensions, precipitates from chemical reactions, soil samples or blood. The refrigerated centrifuge maintains the samples at the set temperature without fluctuation.

In addition to the known blood collection tubes, the centrifuge can also be used for conical tubes with a screw cap, microtitre plates and centrifuge bottles up to 1,000 ml.

The inserts for racks used in various blood analysers (e.g., those of Olympus or Hitachi) are a particular advantage. Round-bottom tubes up to 250 ml can also be centrifuged with the ROTIXA 50 RS.

The centrifuge has the following capacity per run:

192 blood collection tubes
32 x 50 ml conical tubes with a screw cap
16 microtitre plates of standard format
20 Hitachi racks
4 x 1,000 ml bottles
4 blood bag systems

Maximum capacity: with swing-out rotor:4 x 1,000 ml
Max. speed (RPM) :4,500
Max. RCF:5,252
Dimensions (H x W x D):1,030 x 650 x 720 mm
Weight:Approx. 172 kg
Temperature:Can be set to any desired value in the range -20 °C to +40 °C
Commonly used rotors:Swing-out rotor for 4 x 1,000 ml (90°), max. RCF 5,252 – catalogue No. 4294
Swing-out rotor for 6 x 250 ml (90°), max. RCF 3,631 – catalogue No. 4296
Swing-out rotor for up to 16 microtitre plates or various racks (90°), max. RCF 2,652 – catalogue No. 4282

The refrigerated centrifuge is easy to use and has the following features:
Ergonomic operating and display panel
Large display, easy to read, showing the current status of all parameters when the centrifuge is running

The centrifuge has the following features to improve safety:
Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
Lid locking and latching and protection against dropping
Emergency lid release
Automatic rotor recognition
Imbalance switch-off
Key-operated switch against unauthorized data change
Motor overheating protection
Chamber overheating protection

The ROTIXA 50 S is a sturdy floor-standing centrifuge with the following features:
Stable metal casing
Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
Ergonomic operating and display panel