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  • B150 Series
    B-150 SERIES Advanced biological microscopes for students The B-150 series has been designed to ful
  • B150R Series
    B-150R Series Advanced biological microscopes with rechargeable battery This series is the perfect
  • B190 Series
    B-190  Series Biological microscopes for the next teaching generation The B-190 series is the
  • B290 Series
    B-290 Series  This series incorporates all the experience gathered by Optika Microscopes in the
  • B380 Series
    B-380 Series Advanced biological microscopes for teachers. Educational and laboratory microscope fo
  • B380 Series
    B-380 Series Upright laboratory microscopes. Your routine work requires long hours on your microsco
  • LAB Series
    LAB SERIES  Stereomicroscopes for teachers The LAB series can be considered as the entry-level
  • Sterio Series
    STEREO SERIES  Stereomicroscopes for students This series includes a wide selection of stereom
  • SZM Series
    SZM SERIES  Professional stereozoom microscopes The stereomicroscopes of the SZM series are in