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  • Clean Room Oven
    Clean  Room  Drying  Oven : The suitability of the Memmert universal oven UF750 plus
  • Co2 Incubator
    CO2  Incubator ( INCO Med )   Temperature range up to +50 °C    3 model sizes (1
  • Compressor Cooled Incubator
    Compressor  Cooled  Incubator :    ICP Our ICP compressor-cooled incubator offer
  • Cooled Storage Incubator
    Cooled   Storage Incubator :  IPS Why optimise the performance of a cooled incubator unnec
  • Cooled Vacuum Oven
    Cooled  Vacuum  Oven : With short warming up times, high-precision temperature control and
  • CTC
    Environmental  Chambers : ( CTC/TTC ) Rapid, precise and energy-saving temperature changes in t
  • HCP
    Humidity  Chamber  :  HCP Does your application temperature lie between 8 °C above ro
  • HPP
    Constant  Climate  Chamber  :  HPP Are you looking for an appliance for environm
  • ICH
    Climate  Chamber :  ICH Its excellent temperature and humidity homogeneity positions the c
  • Incubators
    Incubator :  In the laboratory, our incubator is ideal for all applications with temperatures u
  • Oil Bath
    Oil –bath : The high temperatures in the oilbath demand a finely-tuned temperature control as well a
  • Paraffin Oven
    Paraffin Oven : Five model sizes, for high-precision temperature control of the embedding medium, su
  • Pass through Oven
    Pass Through Oven: The pass-through oven UFP TS is based on our standard oven of the highest control
  • Peltier Cooled Incubator
    Peltier   Cooled  Incubtor :   IPP Excellent controllability, extremely small control
  • Sterilizer
    Hot  Air  Steriliser Our steriliser S complies with all relevant standards and regulations
  • Universal Ovens
    HEATING OVENS: Whatever you want to perform: material tests, ageing of computer chips, run complex e
  • Vacuum Oven
    Vacuum  Oven : With short warming up times, high-precision temperature control and turbo-drying
  • Water Bath
    Waterbath :  The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes.