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B-1000 SERIES 
Upright Research Microscope 

OPTIKA Microscopes, thanks to the long experience achieved in microscopy development, has conceived the new B-800: a major leap in our technological offer. As a flagship instrument, B-1000 originates from customer most demanding feedbacks and needs. Its modularity and versatility will allow to find the perfect place in any clinical or basic reasearch laboratory. All controls are easily accessible and comfortable also for extended periods of observation.
Highest category of optical equipment among our product range guarantees a sharp and clear view in any situation, while top level mechanical design offers sturdiness and long lifetime.
B-800 is built on IOS Infinity Corrected optical system, which gives both top-notch optical performances, and the possibility to extend your instrument with the broad range of accessories and modules. X-LED illumination is the best solution to have pure white light, very intense even at higher magnification, and optimum power efficiency given by solid state source.
If you search for our best solution to your present and future professional needs, B-1000 is the answer.
Solid Stand – Extra Stability
Completely new design and a die-cast aluminium stand offer solidity and durability, even for the most demanding laboratory use.
This new microscope can seamlessly be upgraded with many attachments that extend its field of use.
X-LED White Illumination
X-LED illumination system is based on a pure white high-efficiency LED and a special optics. It guarantees constant color temperature, no heat, and an extreme electrical consumption efficiency. The whole system is pre-aligned and boasts a lifetime of 50.000 hours.
Light under control
Intelligent control of the microscope illumination: the “AUTO-OFF” function automatically switches the light off after a user-selectable time period. “BOOST” gives an extra high level of illumination for light-demanding applications. “AUTO” allows to store an illumination level, and to maintain it throughout the inspection.
Low position focus and stage controls allow a fast and comfortable operation. Frequently used controls as light intensity adjustment and diaphragm are also placed in the lower part of the stand and enable operation without having to take the eyes off the specimen.
All optical heads are equipped with high-point eyepieces and dioptric adjustment, for the best viewing experience.
Comfortable Stage
Refined ceramic stage, with a wide working surface and a highly precise XY movement.
Modularity – Build your own solution
Many 800 in one instrument. Modularity allows to build the desired solution (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, material science, fluorescence, motorized automation and so on). B-800 has the flexibility to help your work the best way.
High Quality IOS Optical System
Infinity corrected optical system, based on planachromatic, fluorite, and semiapochromatic objectives, designed to give sharp and clear images, both for the user and the digital camera. Quintuple and sextuple nosepiece give the flexibility to build the optics set that best suits your needs. The system is complete with wide field, high-point eyepieces, with a field number of 24mm.
Ready for Digital Imaging
Range of adapters can accommodate for C-mount digital cameras, as well as reflex cameras. Focus adjustment gives a perfectly clear digital images.
Our cameras include specific software for capturing, measuring, marking and storing your pictures.
Optika Vision Pro software allows to perform image acquisition, post-processing, measurements and storage of your images. User can save a preset for later work, or even create a multi-focus composition.
Remote Stage Control
The stage can be remote-controlled through a dedicated software: X, Y and Z axes can be moved with a single click. Communication protocol is available for interfacing with custom software, such as automated analysis or autofocus.
X-LED benefits
Powerful pure white LED illumination, ideal for brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast applications.
Color temperature constant through all the intensity levels. No heat generation, that could damage the specimen.
Factory pre-centering assures uniform  illumination over the field of view, yet providing perfect Koehler alignment.
Very long lifetime and high power efficiency.
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